Chuck's Thoughts On Diamonds

 It's all about Diamonds!

Chuck Sheridan

 We have diamonds, lots of them. 

I am not sure we say it enough but our diamonds are a good deal. 

We have diamonds in a variety of sizes, all conflict-free.

We also have estate diamonds, they are really a great deal!

We often hear on commercials that every kiss begins with K and then they go on their pitch. Those diamonds are bought because they have a credit plan where you need little down to walk out with a ring.

Our diamonds come with quality, choice, and service.  And we have a layaway plan.  Because we have been in business for so long, every day diamond suppliers call us to purchase their goods.

Bottom line is that we can supply any size or shape diamond and set in the perfect ring, pendant or earrings. Check and see if our prices aren't a lot lower. 

We think most diamond purchases should begin with

S for Sheridan's

We invite and encourage diamond inquiries.

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