End of Summer Updates

I hope everyone's summer is going well. 

Lots going on at our store. 

We are sorry to lose Marcia and Ginny from our regular staff.  They have both decided to retire, travel etc.  They have both been a tremendous contribution here and a delight to work with. They say they will be available to come in when we really need them.  We have added Theresa Streeter to our staff that also includes Meg, Jennifer and Suzanne.  Meg has been with us for many years and runs the back of the store, helps with buying and works up front too.  Jennifer, a grad of New York's Fashion Institute handles computer operations as well as customer service, photography and advertising.

  Suzanne, with thirty years of experience in jewelry does customer service and special designs. Theresa recently retired from a teaching career in the Groton School District and will be helping in customer service and much more.
This week is the Big Brockway Celebration with a parade of home grown Brockway Trucks on Main Street Cortland all day this Saturday.  
Matt Sheridan Painting

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