Silver Bullion is Hot!

Interested in accumulating silver or gold bullion? 

It is available here. Silver Indian Head Bullion Coin

We often carry in stock small amounts of silver bullion. If you are interested in buying or selling silver or gold our services are available.  For example, you can buy 500 ounces of pure silver bullion right now for under $10,000.  Our customers buy for investments, sometimes for grandchildren and sometimes as a general hedge in an uncertain economy.  While we do not pretend to be investment advisors, if you wish to sell or buy precious metals we are available to talk.  In recent weeks we have had customers buy both gold and silver in substantial quantities and it took a week or less from order to delivery.

We will be receiving our latest shipment by next week.

If you are interested in purchasing gold or a large amount of silver please call us at


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