Small Business Saturday and Thanksgiving

Small Business Saturday and Thanksgiving, what do they mean to me?  

It is a big deal having owned my small business since 1973. I am thankful for my business, my employees and my customers who have supported us all these years.

At this time of year besides being thankful one ponders what the difference is between big business and small personally owned businesses. One of the key differences is service. In a small business, especially retail, personal service is a big part of the business success. If you go to a restaurant that is locally owned chances are that the same people do the cooking every day so you get consistency and healthy food. In a clothing or shoe store the owner actually cares if you get a good fit or style. Your local florist not only selects their own flowers, they probably arrange them too and take responsibility for the delivery. In our business, primarily jewelry, I personally select the diamonds and other precious stones we sell. In other words we care that the ring fits.
We at Sheridan's Jewelers appreciate everyone's business whether it is a watch battery, a repair, a silver chain, or a nice ring. It all adds up. So, this Thanksgiving I am especially appreciative of being part of the world of small business.Small Business Saturday

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