Historical Research Center

We offer a unique service through the Historical Research Center.

We have a massive database of family names to search through. Over 1 Million!

There is a huge selection of Irish names, but you may be surprised to find names originating from many different countries. Germany, Italy and many more.

We can show you your family crest, and a small page on the origin and history of your family name before you choose to have it printed.

We can print and frame our most popular items in our store. The Celebration Scroll, Coat of Arms and Double Coat of Arms.

The Double Coat of Arms or Anniversary Collection makes a wonderful wedding present, to show the binding of two families.

Any of the items; including caps, mugs and sweatshirts make excellent Christmas presents. Just make sure to order them well ahead of time.

We also offer customized Family Crest Signet Rings in Sterling Silver. They are an eye catching and unique piece to show your family pride.

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